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Published October 11, 2017

Dangerous dogs, animal licensing fees addressed

CAMDENTON – Animals residing in the city limits were the main topic of discussion last week at the Board of Aldermen meeting.

The board gave the first reading approval to raise the license fee for animals in the city, stating that it has been many years (if ever) since the fees have been raised.

The ordinance applies to all dogs and cats over the age of six months. The licenses run from January 1 through December 31 of each year.

The fees are also higher if the dog or cat is not spayed or neutered. The new fees will be:

• $25 For each un-neutered male dog or cat (up from $10)
• $25 For each un-spayed female dog or cat (up from $10)
• $10 For each neutered male dog or cat (up from $5)
• $10 For each spayed female dog or cat (also up from $5)

When asked if there were any unlicensed animals in the city limits, Police Chief Laura Wright said yes, there were, and they were going to try and address that.

A new fee of $50 has been added for each potentially dangerous dog.

This subject was also addressed with the approval of the first-reading of modifications to the current ordinance on dangerous animals.

The proposed changes eliminate some of the restrictions on owners of such animals.

One change is in the number of dogs that are allowed at house with a dangerous dog.

“It shall be unlawful for more than three dogs to be kept, located or harbored at any household or business. No more than one pit bull dog or potentially dangerous dog may be kept, located or harbored at any household in a residentially zoned district.

A line was removed that said “and no other dogs may be kept at a residence with the one pit bull dog or potentially dangerous dog.”

Another part of the current ordinance was eliminated entirely in Section 211.070. Potentially Dangerous Dogs.

Numbers seven, eight and nine were deleted under subsection B. Eliminated from the proposed ordinance is:

“7. Single family and landlord notice. A potentially dangerous dog shall only be allowed in single family dwellings as defined in Chapter 100 herein. In the event a person wishes to possess a potentially dangerous dog and they are not the owner of the residence, they shall provide proof that they have provided notice to their landlord or the owner of the residence that they will possess a potentially dangerous dog at the residence.

“8. Insurance. An owner of a potentially dangerous dog shall provide proof to the City on an annual basis of insurance coverage in an amount of not less than two hundred thousand dollars. Any such insurance provided may not contain an exclusion which would deny coverage for such dogs.

“9. Window sticker or sign. A window sticker or sign must be posted on the owner's property, visible from the street to indicate that a potentially dangerous dog resides on the property. Such sign must be clearly visible from the street or sidewalk if possible.”

The second reading of each of those two bills should be addressed at the next Board of Aldermen meeting.

In other business at last week’s Board of Aldermen meeting:

• Approved the final property purchase for the Camdenton Memorial Lake Regional Airport.

“The city has completed the final purchase of property left to acquire the needed properties to begin and complete the runway extension project,” City Administrator Jeff Hancock told the board. “We have started to communicate this information to our congressional delegation and there is no reason why we should not be funded. We will continue to communicate this the best we can to ensure funding.”

The project is now up in the air and will be started when (and if) the government allocates funding for the expansion.

• Approved an agreement between the city and Kenneth H and Patricia S Peters Trustees for the Kenneth H and Patricia S Peters Trust for Tract 3 Lake Drive Addition.

“Over the last few weeks we have been in discussions with Mr. Ken Peters who has the office building directly to the east of City Hall,” Hancock said in his report to the board. “Mr. Peters indicates that he would have a sewer connection problem if he were to expand the facility and add additional rest room facilities to the building. As a result he has requested a sewer connection to City Hall’s lift station that is between the two buildings.”

This problem was verified by the city’s public works director.

• Approved amendments to budgeted amounts in the Fiscal Year 2016-2017 operating budget for the city for “Unforeseen Circumstances in Estimated Expenditures and in Conformance with RSMO 67.040.”
• Approved an ordinance to execute a Public Improvement Agreement and Agreement to Annex Property with FR Holdings.

City staff has been in conversations with Morgan Bullock about the possibility of annexing property into the City and providing water and sewer improvements to that site.

The property in question is located at the southwest corner of the intersection of North Business 5 and State Highway 5 and 7.

The agreement calls for the developer to extend and dedicate to the city water and sewer lines to his property and to voluntary annex the property into the City.

The city is hoping that this would allow for future water and sewer developments to other developments in that area.

The board approved both readings so the project could begin and be ready for the opening of the business on June 1.

• Agreed to hire (actually reclassify current employee) Kimberly K. Pierce to Community Service Officer.

The former Community Service Officer, Chasity Ivey, was hired as Code Enforcement Officer at the last Board of Aldermen meeting leaving the position vacant.

“Kim has worked for the Police Department for one-and-a half years as part time clerk typist and has progressed very well when considering this is her first job in law enforcement field,” said Police Chief Laura Wright. “She has a very positive attitude and interacts well with citizens. She learns new tasks quickly and is detail oriented. She has a strong work ethic and works well with our current staff. Her current position is part time and the CSO position is full time with benefits. As we discussed it, she said she would enjoy being out in the community interacting with citizens more and understands the importance of animal control and property maintenance duties.”

• Issued two proclamations – one for Constitution Week and the other for Alzheimer’s Awareness Day.
• Congratulated City Clerk Renee Kingston for earning the designation of a Certified Municipal Official in the Municipal Governance Institute.

A letter from the Missouri Municipal League praised her accomplishments.

“Through her attendance at statewide and regional MGl sanctioned educational events, Renee. Kingston, City Clerk, has received training in subjects such as council meeting procedures, parliamentary procedures, the Missouri Open Meetings and Records Law, conflicts of interest, the State Ethics Law, duties of the mayor and board of alderman, tort liability, purchasing and bidding requirements, municipal revenues sources, personnel law, emergency management and budgeting.”

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