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Published October 11, 2017

Ambulance budget discussed in meeting

OSAGE BEACH – In a surprisingly short meeting last week the board agreed to purchase sewer supplies and heard from Aldermen Kevin Rucker on the city’s ambulance service.

The board agreed to spend $34,460 for valves, pipe and fittings for the Sands Lift Station Low flow project.

“The valving will be utilized to provide operational flexibility for the Sands lift station. These valves will allow the Sewer Department to isolate the various pumping facilities while still maintaining pumping operations,” Nicholas Edelman, Public Works Director said in his report to the board. “It will allow us to work on either the pump station or equalization basin while maintaining sewer flow. These valves will be installed by Sewer Department staff.”

The city received four bids for various supplies for the project. The bidders were:

• Schulte Supply with a bid of $41,224.92
• HD Supply with a bid of $39,706.77
• Ferguson Waterworks with a bid of $37,383.36
• Water Technology Resources with a bid of $34,460

This is a budgeted project from the Lift Station Improvements line item, which started out at $710,000. The city had spent $144,150.95 of that budget so far this year that left $565,849.05 for this purchase to come out of.

In the only other business last week was a discussion led by Alderman Rucker on the financial status of the city’s ambulance service.

Rucker mentioned about possible budget cuts and maybe other things the city can do – like checking if the hospital wants to take over the ambulance service.

No decisions were made; it was just a discussion on the situation according to Rucker’s research. Any financial changes will be made when the next city budget is discussed.

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