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Published October 2, 2019

Commissioners say worker’s comp claims have fallen

CAMDEN COUNTY – The Camden County Commissioners are claiming that county employee Workers Compensation claims have fallen in 2019 (though 2019 has not ended yet).

In a press release, the commissioners gave “facts” on the reduction of claims and the reasons for it. Below is their press release in its entirety.

Camden County Workers Compensation Claims See Massive Drop in 2019

Like all organizations that employ many people, Camden County government must carry a large insurance policy to cover on-the-job injuries. The last several years have seen an increase in injury claims by county employees and a corresponding risk of increasing insurance costs to the tax payer. Due to the nature of their work, most of those injuries occurred in the Road and Bridge Department and the Sheriffs Office.

To combat this trend, a Safety Committee was formed in early 2019, consisting of Associate Commissioner Don Williams, Human Resources Administrator Pat Wiggins, Lt. Deputy Chad Bailey and R&B Administrator Pat Wolf.

The committee meets quarterly to examine workers compensation claims and trends, and to investigate methods to increase safety and reduce the number and severity of injuries. The results have been overwhelmingly positive.

Across all county offices and departments, the number of claims dropped from 36 in 2018 to 23 in 2019, with the severity of injuries dropping even more drastically, from claims totaling $310,421 in 2018 to only $26,955 in 2019.

In the Road and Bridge Department, the number of claims dropped from 15 incidents in 2018 to only 8 incidents in 2019, with the severity dropping from a total of $121,439 in 2018 to only $18,387 in 2019.

But the most critical improvements have been in the Sheriffs Office, with 19 incidents in 2018 dropping to 8 incidents in 2019 and a corresponding drop in severity from $159,789 in 2018 to only $6,433 in 2019.

Missouri Employees Mutual, the company that handles Camden County government’s workers compensation insurance, say they are impressed with the county’s efforts to reduce claims and has advised the county they are on track to receive a $30,000 rebate at the end of 2019.

The Safety Committee, which last met on September 19, will meet one more time before the end of the year. They will continue to search for methods to increase worker safety and reduce the workers compensation insurance burden on Camden County tax payers.

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