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Published October 4, 2017

Free app can help rescuers respond to boat accidents

LAKE OF THE OZARKS – Local fire departments participated in a training exercise with the RaftUp app last week that may be able to save lives and get assistance to boaters in a shorter amount of time.

Personnel from Mid-County Fire Protection District (MCFPD) Osage Beach Fire Protection District, Sunrise Beach Fire Protection District and Camden County Dispatch Center participated in boat training on the lake with the app.

RaftUp is a free app (for Apple or Android devices) available to anyone.

“The app just takes a few minutes to download and install. Should you have an emergency while you are on the water, you can activate the SOS feature on the RaftUp app that will assist emergency personnel to your exact location,” said MCFD Fire Chief Scott Frandsen

According to RaftUp, the mobile app “connects outdoor enthusiasts to an engaged marine community while enhancing fun and safety while on the water. Plus our RaftUp App connects users to our latest next generation 911 technology ‘EyeRescue’ which gives RaftUp users and first responders the best solution to help each other in time of need by alerting and sharing locations in real-time. EyeRescue is a Next Generation 911 Mobile & Web platform.”

Some of the features of the free app are:

• SOS – SAFETY - The RaftUp App’s SOS feature can immediately notify nearby RaftUp app users, their app friends/family, emergency responders, and provides real-time tracking via the EYERESCUE Platform.
• LOCATION AWARENESS - The interactive mobile alert & map will educate the response units about a victim’s location, where they are going, and how to get to them.
• RESPONSE MANAGEMENT – Can manage the responders online and in real-time, with instant notifications for any situation. This can save the dispatchers time with the alert location platform.
• ASSISTANCE SERVICES - The platform also supports Towing Services. Dispatchers can reduce time orchestrating support for any non life threatening issues like towing, or other assistance needs.

The website does have a quote from the Osage Beach Fire Protection chief promoting the benefits of the free app.

“The moment I learned about RaftUp, I knew it would benefit our response time and the way that our department could help to keep boaters safe on the water. Everyone takes their phones with them everywhere now. There is no reason for someone to be stranded for hours outdoors or on the water waiting for help. And in the case of an emergency with EyeRescU, it’s a life-saver. Plain and simple!” said Jeff Dorhauer, Fire Chief of Osage Beach Fire Department.

For more information or to download the free app, go to

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