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Published November 11, 2020

Camden County election results

CAMDEN COUNTY – There was no surprise in any of the local elections with Republicans sweeping the board, which was easy since the non-Republicans running were for U.S. Representative for District 3 and 4 and State Representative for District 123.

In the race for U.S. Representative District 3, Republican Blaine Luetkemeyer brought in 11,637 votes (77.59 percent) to challengers Megan Rezabek (Democrat), who received 3,114 votes and Libertarian Leonard J. Steinman II, who only ended up with 248 votes.

For U.S. Representative District 4, Republican Vicky Hartzler received 7,259 Camden County votes as opposed to Democrat Lindsey Simmons (1,807 votes) and Libertarian Steven K. Koonse who brought in 237.

Statewide, Hartzler won her seat back with a total of 67.599 percent to Simmons 29.661 percent. Koonse received 2.74 percent and Luetkemeyer ended up with a total of 69.398 percent to retain his position.

In the race for State Representative for District 123, Republican Suzie Pollock took in 9,439 votes to Constitutional Party Candidate Pat Bellew’s 1,394.

State Representative for District 124 had only one name on the ballot, Lisa Thomas (Republican).

All the other names for county offices (all Republicans) were running unopposed and won their offices:

A question on the ballot asked if Supreme Court Judge Patricia Breckenridge be retained in office was approved by Camden County voters.

In addition, voters approved the question that asked if Judge Gary Lynch of the Southern District Court of Appeals be retained in office. State voters also approve retaining both judges in their offices.

Camden County had a very high turnout of 75.04 percent of registered voters.

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