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Published December 6 2017

Kansas man arrested after robbery, chase, shooting

LAKE OF THE OZARKS – A Kansas man has been arrested after an alleged bank robbery attempt and chase reaching speeds in excess of 100 mph.

Last Thursday at approximately 10:20 a.m. Camden County advised Morgan County that they had a pursuit with a dark colored Dodge truck. The Sunrise Beach Police Department was advised to watch the area.

Camden County lost sight of the vehicle and the pursuit was terminated.

At approximately 11:13 a.m. that same day, a 911 call was received by Morgan County 911 advising of a possible bank robbery at the U.S. Bank located in central Versailles.

The reporting party from U.S. Bank stated that a male subject wearing a black hooded sweatshirt and a bandana over his face had entered the premises and demanded money.

The suspect then left the bank and entered a dark colored Dodge truck.

One of the patrons of the bank ran across the road to call 911 from O’Reilly Auto Parts and then followed the suspect vehicle until the Versailles Police Department came into contact with it at the four-way intersection in Versailles.

According to the Morgan County Sheriff’s Department (MCSD), the officers had their emergency lights and sirens activated but the truck refused to stop. A pursuit in the city limits of Versailles proceeded westbound on Missouri Highway 52 toward Stover.

During this pursuit the speed of the truck exceeded 100 MPH, according to police. The Versailles Police Department was being assisted by the MCSD and the Missouri State Highway Patrol. Approximately ten different law enforcement vehicles were involved at this point of the pursuit.

The Stover Police Department had staged their vehicle as a roadblock when the suspect’s truck approached the east city limits. As the truck approached the roadblock the driver fired approximately four rounds from a handgun at the Stover officer and drove around the roadblock through Stover, the MCSD said.

The pursuit then continued until the truck eventually exited the roadway at the west city limits of Stover, struck a parked vehicle and then crashed into a tree behind a business.

Law enforcement officers were then able to close in on a male suspect who exited his vehicle and began to flee on foot.

A sheriff’s officer made first contact with the suspect at which time a struggle began and the suspect and the officer went to the ground.

The suspect was then restrained by multiple other law enforcement officers and placed under arrest.

“It should be noted that during the pursuit Versailles Police and Stover Police placed the Morgan County R-II and R-I schools on lockdown to avoid any danger to children had the suspect fled in that direction,” a spokesman said.

The suspect, later identified as Jacob Allen Monteer, 25, from Overland Park, Kansas, was transported to the Morgan County Sheriff’s Department.

Police say they then discovered that the vehicle he was operating was stolen out of Kansas and that he allegedly had a stolen handgun in his possession.

In his “Info” section on Monteer’s Facebook page he wrote “Getting into Trouble. Fighting the Forces of Evil. Saving the World. Any other Thankless Tasks.”

In the “About” section of his Facebook Page he wrote:

“I shaped my mind to bring happiness to mankind. I search the will and lead a righteous life in order to learn the truth. I'm riding through the clouds "listening" for an ancient "voice". I own Dhamma (literally and metaphorically). I practice the Religion of Abraham. I follow the teachings of the prophets. I have Vohu Manah. I found the White Rock and now I'm going to get the names right like The "Master" Kong taught. I'm going to overcome this dream you all live and find God and His son's real names. I'm going to take all the pieces of the block and get through the sacrifices like Lao Tzu told us to. Then I'm going to take the flaming sword blocking the way to the tree of life and swing right into the ass of the "Angel" who swung it at us. Doubt yourselves, your lives are an illusion anyways. When you can tell me where all the quotes in this bio originated then I'll happily take a moment to explain, with authority, why the guy on YouTube or whatever website you direct me to is wrong. You're lucky ‘God’ doesn't require your belief. Take your disbelief to the church or mosque or synagogue or temple or wherever your ‘God’ has a bunch of people ready to tell you I'm wrong. You won't care they lie to you. Say a prayer to the Sword, Jesus, who killed 1/3rd of mankind. Follow the guidance of the messenger who talked in the third person (Are U FR?). Keep searching for Nirvana and lose your minds, The Dalai Lama does not know what's on the other side neither did Gautama. Zarathustrians, people, you all need to get on board there ain't enough of you to be f*ckin around! Hindu's...WTF Are You Doing??? I am GOING TO START SMASHING THE SNAKES BACK INTO THE DUST THEY CAME OUT OF! I'm done letting Asses carry these BOOKS. I am Jacob. The time is now.”

A series of posts on his page last week took readers on his journey that eventually led through the lake area. (Some of the language has been censored in this article but was not censored on his Facebook page).

November 29 8:55 p.m. “feeling festive”
“I'm getting the f*ck outta town and I’m taking my facebook friends on a journey through my week.”
November 29 9:02 p.m. at the Cass County Justice Center
“To all my the fake ass people. The Book of Jacob. Ch1.1 going 85 with a work truck behind me riding my ass. Stolo like Ebolo!”
November 29 9:02 p.m. at the Adrian Police Department
“You guys needed a check in. I miss you guys.”
(Photo accompanying the post is of a speedometer registering between 95 and 100 mph).
November 29 9:35 p.m. “feeling motivated”
“When you are staring in your camera remind yourself what you learned yesterday that makes you more Bad Ass now.”
November 29 10:24 p.m., Richards, MO “was feeling fed up”
“Raising Hell is easier and more fun! I have to walk the dark side cause that's all you see with your disabilities. I'm gonna teach you the darkside is just as right as the slave side.”
November 29 10:53 p.m., Lamar, MO “is feeling proud”
“Finally honest cops! These guys at least warn you they are reliable for being unreliable. Love you. Oink Oink.”
(Photo accompanying the post is a screen capture from the Camden County Sheriff’s Department website).
November 30 12:26 p.m., Preston MO
“I go into the station and buy smokes. She Ids me. Now I'm on my way to get ‘my’ license when this guy outside hollers ‘do you even got it?’ Hell no! He says don't worry I know you. He really had to talk the lady into it. I didn't even need smokes. And he seemed like he actually knew me.”
November 30 11:17 a.m., Camdenton, MO
“Glad the pig woke me up. Wish he hadn't tried opening the door lol one of my shoes fell out!”
November 30 11:20 a.m., Sunrise Beach, MO “feeling annoyed”
“Now I gotta boost new shoes. Popo making a thief outta me”
November 30 11:37 a.m., Laurie, MO
“Lol found my wallet, but idt he'd have liked that”
(Photo accompanying the post is of a wallet next to a partial box of ammunition).

That was the last Facebook post from Monteer. A friend of his responded to that post with:
“You got busted…! Hahaha. Have fun in prison!”

Monteer is charged with the following:

• Armed Criminal Action (three counts)
• Assault 1st Degree Or Attempt - Serious Physical Injury Or Special Victim
• Robbery - 1st Degree
• Unlawful Use Of Weapon - Subsection 9 - Shoot At/From Mv, At Person, Mv, Bldg - Death Or Injury
• Unlawful Use Of Weapon - Subsection 11 - Possess Weapon And A Felony Controlled Substance (two counts)
• Unlawful Use Of Weapon - Subsection 4 – Exhibiting
• Resisting Arrest/Detention/Stop By Fleeing - Creating A Substantial Risk Of Serious Injury/Death To Any Person
• Receiving Stolen Property
• Tampering With Motor Vehicle - 1st Degree
• Possession Of Controlled Substance Except 35 Grams Or Less Of Marijuana/Synthetic Cannabinoid
• Unlawful Possession Of Drug Paraphernalia (two counts)

The judge ordered no bond on Monteer.

The FBI is assisting in the ongoing investigation.

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