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Published March 13, 2019

Soccer complex moving forward with RFP request

LAKE OF THE OZARKS - The Lake of the Ozarks Convention & Visitor Bureau (CVB) and Tri County Lodging Association (TCLA) would like to encourage anyone interested submitting a proposal for a potential site for a destination tournament soccer complex (DTSC) in the Lake Area to please respond.

“The CVB and TCLA have been studying for quite some time, how we could bring additional visitors to the Lake of the Ozarks and increase the economic activity of the whole Lake Area,” a spokesman said.

In 2016 the CVB completed a two-phase feasibility study conducted by Convention & Sports Leisure (CSL) on recreational complexes. The study indicated the Lake Area could support a destination tournament soccer complex with 12-14 tournaments with 50-300 teams each weekend in the spring and again in the fall.

It is estimated that this would have a $75 million economic impact annually for the Lake Area.

Since the completion of the CSL feasibility study the CVB, TCLA and other local businesses and organizations have decided to move forward with exploring how a DTSC complex could be designed, built, and operated in the most efficient manner possible.

XO Strategic, a company owned by former Kansas City Chiefs Hall of Famer and former owner of the Jacksonville Jaguars Deron Cherry, and led by former Major League Soccer executives and youth soccer entrepreneurs, was engaged to operationalize the CSL study.

On December 4, 2018, XO Strategic rendered their report that concluded that the Lake Area had a unique opportunity to capitalize on the growing $18 billion youth sports industry by constructing a DTSC financed primarily from a proposed increase in the lodging tax at the Lake.

The TCLA Board of Directors has approved a November 2019 election initiative that seeks a three percent increase in the lodging tax in Camden County and a one percent increase in the lodging tax in Miller County.

A three percent increase in the lodging tax in Morgan County will be voted on in the coming months.

At the suggestion of XO Strategic, an Advisory Committee was created consisting of five voting members: three community-minded business leaders from the Lake Area and the current presidents of the CVB and TCLA.

The executive directors of both the CVB and TCLA serve as non-voting consultants to the Advisory Committee, and XO Strategic was again engaged to moderate the Advisory Committee and provide operational guidance and advice to the Committee.

At the direction of the Advisory Committee, XO Strategic has drafted the RFP and will be responsible for its administration through site selection for the Project.

XO is not a voting member of the Advisory Committee.

This RFP is being sent to landowners, brokers and developers within the three counties that make up the Lake of the Ozarks region in central Missouri: Camden County, Miller County and Morgan County.

The Lake of the Ozarks DTSC is described in detail in Chapter 3 of XO Strategic’s Project Plan & Analysis dated and available for download at

There were two potential sites near Camdenton, according to Camdenton City Administrator Jeff Hancock.

“I have begun meetings with two potential land owners who wish to participate near Camdenton. Yesterday, one of the land owners backed out of the process. As things move forward, I will keep you informed,” Hancock said in his written report to the city Board of Aldermen last week.

Tim Jacobsen, Executive Director, CVB states, “The idea of a facility that will bring families to the Lake Area in the shoulder seasons and create the estimated economic growth for the entire Lake is very exciting. The support from the community has been very supportive of this type of long-term project that will benefit all businesses in the Lake Area and the overall economic growth for years to come.”

In general, the Project is anticipated to consist of:
• An outdoor soccer complex with eight synthetic turf playing fields, each with LED sports lighting; and
• A concession stand and restroom building with several offices, seating grounds, a storage and maintenance building, and a trash and recyclables waste area; and
• A parking lot capable of accommodating 640 to 800 cars.

Location and Site Characteristics (This comes from the RFP)

The Project site requires or prefers the following:
1. At least 30 acres up to 60 acres;
2. The ideal site will have existing highway interchange or a stop light intersection access off the major highway accessing the site. If there is not currently an interchange or stop light, you are encouraged to provide written assurances from the governing entity that plans and funding have been approved to install such interchange or stop light;
3. The ideal site will have all utilities connections at the site, including but not limited to electricity, gas, water, storm water, sewer, fiber and phone. If any or all utilities are not presently at the site, you are encouraged to provide written assurances that you or your local municipal government will pay for the installation of any utilities to the site at the commencement of construction;
4. No zoning or deed restrictions (unless subject to adjustment) that prohibit the use of sports field lighting, parking, or amplified outdoor sound. If there are restrictions, you are encouraged to provide written assurance from your local municipal government that such restrictions can be adjusted to accommodate the TSC;
5. No soil or water contamination;
6. No limits on architectural materials that may be used;
7. No limits on building heights that would prohibit sports lighting poles, scoreboards, etc.;
8. No parking landscaping requirements;
9. No limits on outdoor signage;
10. No limits on the use of outdoor LED signage;
11. No limits on hours of operation;
12. Sites that can accommodate event day traffic flows.

A preference will be given to sites:

1. With donated land;
2. Without jurisdictional waters of the U.S.;
3. Without areas subject to potential habitat for endangered species;
4. Without historical sites of record;
5. With existing parking;
6. Cleared of trees and sites which can accommodate athletic fields without import/export of soil;
7. With clear environmental records;
8. With a commitment from a bonding entity to issue TCLA lodging tax revenue-backed bonds of a sufficient amount to cover the majority of the anticipated construction cost of the Project;
9. With commitments from federal, state, county or municipal entities to provide additional assistance, whether in the form of incentive programs, tax abatement or other tax relief, or direct contribution.

The RFP outlines more of the project requirements and detail the format in which interested people should submit their proposal.

The December 4, 2018 report from XO Strategic did include a map of potential sites but there is no guarantee that any of them will be used.

“Please read the timeline carefully,” the spokesman said. “In order for your proposal to be considered, your proposal must meet the deadlines included in the timeline under Section 2.02.”

The RFP is available as a downloadable document on

For information or questions about the RFP, please contact David Ficklin at XOStrategic. Ficklin can be reached via email at

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