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Published March 7, 2018

Candidates file for county offices

CAMDEN COUNTY – Candidates have already begun to file for offices that are up for election this year with incumbents filing on the first day.

If someone files for office on the first day, which was last Tuesday February 27, then their name will be the first name on the ballot unless someone else files the first day.

For example, current Presiding Commissioner Greg Hasty filed last Tuesday but that same day his first challenger, James Rericha, filed also.

When that happens a type of lottery is held and the two candidates (or however many there are for that position) will draw numbers and the one with the lowest number will be first on the ballot listing in the August Primary.

Hasty drew the lower number so his name will be first on the ballot, followed by Rericha. Any other names that file for that office will be listed in the order they file. Only the first day is the lottery system used.

Current County Clerk Rowland Todd filed right away that same day but he received a challenger for his position, Ernest Calvert.

A drawing took place to see who would be first on the ballot listing and Todd received the lower number. His name will be first, followed by Calvert and any other names in the order they file.

The same situation was also encountered by Circuit Clerk Jo McElwee, who filed on the first day but also had a challenger, Melissa Mackay, file for the position.

As with the other two incumbents, McElwee also choose the lower number in the drawing and will be first on the ballot.

As of Friday, the following names, all incumbents, filed to keep their jobs.

Recorder: Donnie Snelling
Prosecuting Attorney: Heather Miller (Miller was appointed to the position but is the incumbent).
County Auditor: Jimmy Laughlin (he also was appointed to the position but is the incumbent).
County Collector: Teresa Murray
Associate Circuit Judge Division 4: Michael Gilley
Associate Circuit Judge Division 5: Aaron Koeppen.

Laughlin did send out a press release after his filing, explaining why he feels he needs to remain in that position. Laughlin was appointed by the governor to fill the unexpired term of Ronnie Capps.

“I have made significant progress in the auditor’s office since being chosen by the governor for this important job,” Laughlin said. “I am working hard to establish auditing practices and office procedures that will modernize and streamline the auditor’s office.”

(Editor’s note: the above quote is a portion of his press release. The bulk of the release is promotion for his candidacy).

There is still time for others to file for any of the above offices and more are expected to file for certain positions. The Reporter will give updates when any candidates officially file for office.

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