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Published May 15, 2019

Geotechnical services approved for community center

CAMDENTON – The city is once again moving forward with the proposed Community Center with the approval last week of a contract agreement with Terracon Consultants, Inc for geotechnical engineer services for the proposed community center.

The Scope of Services in this contract will consist of field exploration, laboratory testing, and
engineering/project delivery.

The field exploration will include:
• Boring Layout and Elevations: Terracon will use handheld GPS equipment to locate borings
• Subsurface Exploration Procedures: soil borings with be performed with an A TV-mounted drill rig using continuous flight augers (solid stem and/or hollow stem, as necessary, depending on soil conditions). Four samples will be obtained in the upper 10 feet of each boring and at intervals of five feet thereafter.
• The samples will be placed in appropriate containers, taken to Terracon’s soil laboratory for testing, and classified by a Geotechnical Engineer.

In addition, they will observe and record groundwater levels during drilling and sampling.

The exploration team will prepare field boring logs which will include visual classifications of materials encountered during drilling, and Terracon’s interpretation of subsurface conditions between samples.

When finished, the geotechnical engineering report will provide the following:
• Boring logs with field and laboratory data
• Stratification based on visual soil (and rock) classification
• Groundwater levels observed during and after the completion of drilling
• Site Location and Exploration Plans
• Subsurface exploration procedures
• Description of subsurface conditions
• Recommended foundation options and engineering design parameters
• Estimated settlement of foundations
• Recommendations for design and construction of interior floor slabs
• Seismic site classification
• Subgrade preparation/earthwork recommendations
• Lateral earth pressure recommendations
• Recommended pavement options and design parameters

These services will cost the city $3,950.

In other business at last week’s Board of Aldermen meeting, the board approved both readings of the following bills:

• An Agreement with the Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission for Financial Assistance for Pavement Maintenance and Remarking Runway 15/33 and Partial Parallel Taxiway at the Camdenton Memorial-Lake Regional Airport
• Approved amendments to budgeted amounts in the Fiscal Year 2018-2019 Operating Budget for the city for Unforeseen Circumstances in Estimated Revenues and Expenditures
• Approved a Fixed Base Operator’s Agreement with Lake Aviation Center, LLC to continue to manage the Camdenton Memorial-Lake Regional Airport
• Approved a contract agreement with Capital Paving & Construction, LLC for the annual street overlay project

The Board of Aldermen also recognized Lieutenant Jeff Beauchamp for 30 years of municipal service to the city police department.

Congratulations and certificates were given to the champions of the Pitch, Hit & Run and Home Run Derby.

The winners were:

BOYS 7-8
Adrian Payne – Run Champion, All-Around Champion

BOYS 9-10
Brayden De Clue – Pitch Champion (tie)
Blake Potts – Pitch Champion (tie)
Caden Horning – Hit, Run and All-Around Champion

BOYS 11-12
Zaden Russavage – Pitch, Hit, Run and All-Around Champion

BOYS 13-14
Wyatt Sylvester - Pitch, Hit, Run and All-Around Champion

Arwen Russavage – Run and All-Around Champion

GIRLS 9-10
Autumn Pittmann - Run and All-Around Champion

GIRLS 13-14
Samantha Owens - Run and All-Around Champion

Jr. Home Run Derby Award Winner
BOYS 11-12
Zaden Russavage

Most of the winners were on hand to receive their awards.

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