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Published August 9, 2017

Osage Beach extends time period for airport work

OSAGE BEACH – The city is also addressing airport work at both of its airports with motions to extend the time period for specified work to be done.

Last week the Board of Aldermen agreed to two separate bills, Amendment Number One and Amendment Number Two on two State Block Agreements for airport projects.

In the first bill, the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) requested the amendment for the Southwest Apron Reconstruction Project at the Lee C. Fine Airport.

“This Amendment will extend the project time period to November 30, 2017. This extension was asked for by MoDOT to allow time for possible warranty work that could be performed by the contractors, Airport Manager Ty Dinsdale said in his report. “This is a 90/10 MoDOT Aviation Grant Project. The original agreement was entered into on June 9, 2016.”

The project was agreed upon for the price of $267,469 in June of 2016.

The second project involves tree removal and MoDOT also wants to extend this project until November 30, 2017.

“This Amendment…will allow Crawford, Murphy & Tilly time to finish Exhibit A and the Airport Layout Plan updates for Grand Glaize” Dinsdale said. “They are ready to be submitted and depending on MoDOT’s comments, this project will be closed on or before November 30, 2017.”

Like the other project, this is a 90/10 MoDOT Aviation Grant Project and was agreed upon on September 3, 2015 with Amendment One, adding construction inspection services, entered into on March 3, 2016. The board approved both readings for both requests.

In other business at the (surprisingly short) meeting last week:

• Approved both readings of a bill repealing five sections of Chapter 125 Human Resources System (Personnel) Rules and Regulations, and replacing them with five new sections.

The new sections deal with the following subjects:

• Section 125.020. Definitions: Define employment and secondary employment Section 125.030. General Provisions: Changes made to the secondary employment section
• Section 125.050. Pay and Compensation - update the Travel and Expense Policy to current practices
• Section 125.120. Attendance and Leaves: Change to the Donation of Leave Policy to reduce the time when the policy can be used from 30 days to 14 days
• Section 125.200 Employee Health and Safety. Revised the Back-to-Work Program in the Safety Policy to provide reasonable accommodation of job restrictions for some positions for off-the-job injuries, illnesses, and pregnancy.

The city Administrator agreed with the changes and recommended the board approve them.

“Overall these are positive changes and provide further guidance for employees and for most of the changes, matches written policy with practice,” City Administrator Jeana Woods said. “Specifically, the secondary employment policy is not a new policy in practice. The secondary employment guidelines have been a part of the Police Department Directives and have been in practice. By making the policy part of the HR section of the City Code we have given further clarification and the policy will cover all employees. The new addition to the Code is the enhancement of the back-to-work program. These changes will allow us to examine and accommodate on a more case by case basis non-work absences by allowing us to assist employees in getting back to work sooner after non-work injury or illness, including pregnancies. This is a positive for the employee and it is expected to decrease expenses to the City relating to short term disability.”

• The board voted to rescind the contract with Central Bank to provide lease purchase financing for the airport fuel truck.

Since the purchase of the truck was rescinded at the last meeting the contract with Central Bank is no longer needed.

• Voted to re-adopt Chapter 120 - Conflicts of Interest, since it is required by the Missouri Ethics Commission “every other year in order for all elected, appointed officials, and decision-making personnel, as well as candidates for public office, to avoid the requirement of filing Personal Finance Disclosure Statement (long form).”
• Approved a motion to reject all bids for the Park Curb and Gutter project.

“This project was informally bid in early June and all bids came in over $15,000. We then put this project out through the formal bid process and bids were opened on June 29, 2017. The low bid was B & P Patterson LLC in the amount of $16,256.25,” Matt Vandevoort, Parks and Recreation Manager, stated in his report.

The total amount budgeted by the city for this project was $13,000. The city will reassess the project and discuss it for the fiscal year 2018 budget.

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