(Updated February 14, 2018)


$50,000 to fix water line?

CAMDENTON – Water was the main topic of discussion at last week’s Board of Aldermen meeting.

A large part of the meeting time was taken up with a discussion about a water line that is outside the city limits.

“City staff has informed the board that the city has not found documentation on how a water line at Southside Drive and outside the city limits became part of the city system,” a report to the Board of Aldermen stated.

Apparently many years ago (maybe several decades) a water line was hooked to the city water system to serve residences just outside the city limits.

During the discussion last week Mayor John McNabb stated that the city has reviewed past records and could not find any place where the board voted to approve the water connection.

Despite that, the city has been supplying water and collecting fees from the residences during that time and has performed all repairs on the water line over the years.

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Judge refuses to stop journalist’s deposition

CAMDEN COUNTY – An effort to quash the subpoena of a local journalist has failed, despite a judge’s order quashing part of the subpoena.

Lake Sun Journalist Joyce Miller (Executive Editor of Lake Media) was ordered to give a deposition in the lawsuit filed by Rowland Todd against County Commissioners Greg Hasty, Don Williams and Beverly Thomas.

Todd is claiming the commissioners violated his First Amendment rights of Freedom of Speech because he spoke out against what he felt was the county wasting money in the hiring of a new Human Resources Administrator and also claims that Hasty publicly called him a thief in that he “stole records” from the Human Resource Department.

It was not stated why Miller, who is not a party in the case, was ordered to give a deposition.

The initial deposition of Miller was scheduled for January 15 of this year but a filing by Attorney Jean Maneke (who is also the attorney for the Missouri Press Association) to quash the subpoena delayed the deposition.

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Coach receives Honorary Trooper Certificate

CAMDENTON - Captain Michael A. Turner, commanding officer of the Missouri State Highway Patrol (MSHP) Troop F, Jefferson City, announced that Grant A. Leighty, of Camdenton, was awarded a Missouri State Highway Patrol Honorary Trooper Certificate as a result of his courageous actions on September 24, 2017.

The Honorary Trooper Certificate is presented to a non-employee who performs in an exemplary manner, and under dangerous conditions, to aid another, or who unselfishly assists a member in the performance of their duties.

Leighty was nominated due to his actions after a boat explosion at Lake of the Ozarks. The presentation was held last week at the Camdenton High School.

According to the MSHP, on September 24, 2017, Leighty was on a boat dock near the 31-mile marker at Lake of the Ozarks when an explosion occurred on a nearby vessel.

Leighty ran from his dock to the burning vessel and observed two individuals in the water, who had sustained serious injuries. Despite the burning debris, Leighty jumped into the lake and swam both injured individuals to a personal watercraft lift so they could be removed from the water.

Once emergency responders arrived on scene, Leighty stayed with the individual who was most critical and aided EMS.

“Mr. Leighty is deserving of the Honorary Trooper Certificate after performing in such an exemplary manner, under dangerous conditions,” Turner said. “Unknowingly, Mr. Leighty upheld the Missouri State Highway Patrol’s motto of Service and Protection while risking his own life.”

MCFPD responded to more calls than last January

CAMDEN COUNTY – Incidents requiring a response from the Mid-County Fire Protection District (MCFPD) have risen compared to the same time period in January of 2017.

During January 2018, the MCFPD responded to 171 incidents compared to 147 incidents in January 2017.

This results in an average of 5.5 calls per day for the 171 incidents.

The breakdown for the 171 incidents in January 2018 is as follows:
• 118 medical emergencies
• 10 vehicle accidents
• 8 false fire alarms
• 8 smoke investigations
• 7 cancelled en route
• 6 structure fire
• 5 gas leak/odor investigations
• 4 brush/natural cover fires
• 2 rubbish/dumpster fires
• 2 mutual aid/move-ups
• 1 Carbon Monoxide/CO alarm sounding.

MCFPD Fire Chief Scott Frandsen also warned residents that many fires are reported in the winter time and people need to use caution.

“Did you know that half of home heating fires are reported during the months of December, January and February? So remember to keep at least 3 feet between your portable / space heater and other items or combustibles, to turn your portable / space heater off before you go to bed or leave the room,” Frandsen said. “Plug portable / space heaters directly into a wall outlet, do not plug them into extension cords or power strips. And always, check your smoke detectors at least once a month.”

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