(Updated March 7, 2018)

Lake Ozark using eminent domain to take property

LAKE OZARK – Despite requests from land owners and their attorneys, the city is moving ahead to seize property through eminent domain with the approval of the first reading of the seizure last week.

The city is seeking property relating to the Twin Oaks Lift/Pump Station.

Part of the ordinance says:

“1. The Board of Aldermen of the City of Lake Ozark, Missouri hereby find, declares and determines that condemnation for the acquisition of a Perpetual Utility Easement and Temporary Construction Easement…through, under and upon the property which is presently owned by Rosemary L. Laramore, a single person, is necessary for constructing and for maintaining necessary infrastructure for the citizens and public good of the City of Lake Ozark, Missouri.

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Mace Road Phase 2 approved

OSAGE BEACH – Improvements to Mace Road are continuing with the final approval of a contract with Bartlett and West, Inc. for the Mace Road Phase 2 Improvements.

The approval is for engineering services only – construction will take place in the future.

The project area is generally described as Mace Road from Aver Road on the west to Osage Beach Parkway on the east.

This project (when completed) will upgrade Mace Road from a ditched roadway to a curb and guttered roadway with an enclosed storm water system.

The intersection with Orvill Drive will also be reconstructed.

Mace Road will be rehabilitated leading up to Osage Beach Parkway. No reconstruction of Osage Beach Parkway is expected with this project.

There will also be a sidewalk constructed on one side of Mace Road the entire length of the project. The sidewalk will be on the north side to tie into the Phase 1 improvements. 

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Candidates file for county offices

CAMDEN COUNTY – Candidates have already begun to file for offices that are up for election this year with incumbents filing on the first day.

If someone files for office on the first day, which was last Tuesday February 27, then their name will be the first name on the ballot unless someone else files the first day.

For example, current Presiding Commissioner Greg Hasty filed last Tuesday but that same day his first challenger, James Rericha, filed also.

When that happens a type of lottery is held and the two candidates (or however many there are for that position) will draw numbers and the one with the lowest number will be first on the ballot listing in the August Primary.

Hasty drew the lower number so his name will be first on the ballot, followed by Rericha. Any other names that file for that office will be listed in the order they file. Only the first day is the lottery system used.

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City moves forward with single trash provider

OSAGE BEACH – After several attempts at having a discussion on a one-provider trash service for the city over the past several meetings, the Board of Aldermen finally followed through and will move forward with the issue, despite opposition from residents.

Several citizens and two separate trash providers spoke at the Citizen’s Communication portion of the meeting last Thursday.

One citizen, who spoke against the idea at the last Board of Aldermen meeting, once again spoke out against it claiming the city is taking away the choice of citizens and deciding what is best for them.

The basic idea is even though the freedom of citizens to choose will be taken away by the city, the negotiated price for trash service should be lower and it will save those in the city money.

The question also arose as to who is pushing this issue? Have numerous residents brought the idea to the city or someone else? That question was answered later by Alderman Jeff Bethurem who said he is the one who brought it to the city.

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Annual Light up the Night to be held April 12

LAKE OF THE OZARKS - Light up the Night, a community awareness event in honor of crime victims, will be held on the Bagnell Dam Thursday, April 12, 2018.

Attendees will release helium balloons with colored glow sticks in the awareness color of the crime victim they wish to represent.

Balloons will be available for child abuse (blue) Parents of Murdered Children (white) domestic violence (purple) sexual violence (teal) and Mothers Against Drunk Driving (red).

Advocates for victims of crime will present stories of crime impact and provide resources for those who have been affected. The event will conclude, after approximately one hour, with the release of hundreds of balloons over Bagnell Dam in Lake Ozark.

T-shirts will be distributed in advance to interested participants. Arrival to the event in the pre-distributed T-shirt will guarantee receipt of an awareness balloon as well as other resources.

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